The Pakistani Expatriate Family Magazine

The national anthem of Pakistan
The national anthem of Pakistan with meanings and music.

Why Was Pakistan Created?
A detalied article about the reasons for creation of Pakistan.

About Pakistan
Some facts and statistics about Pakistan.

Pakistan, Kashmir and India
An overview of the Kashmir issue.

Biography of Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal
Muhammad Iqbal was born on November 9, 1877, at Sialkot, Punjab. His grandfather Shaikh ...

Dr. Iqbal's Works
An overview of his works in Urdu, Persian and English.

Iqbal, the Visionary
The Holy Prophet has said:"Beware of the foresight of the believer for he sees with Divine Light."

Photo Gallery of Allama Iqbal

  1. Photographs of Allama Muhammad Iqbal
  2. Allama Muhammad Iqbal - Family and Friends
  3. Allama Muhammad Iqbal - Career


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